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Meet Blizon!

The Blizon was designed to make a tasteful and up-scale statement of quality in any setting while offering a simple solution. The Blizon comes in four colors that were designed to fit in with any décor. The finishes come in Taupe, Espresso, Onyx and Silver.

The Blizon maximizes your space at home, at work, even in restaurants! If you want your belongings to be safe, accessible, neat, and by your side, then have your belongings on Blizon. You won't have to worry about damaging your walls with wall mounts because Blizon is the strongest coat rack that will carry your belongings without damaging anything or taking space. Nor will you have to worry about making your traditional coat rack fit because Blizon is a miniature coat rack that will fit everywhere and be easy to reach.

Blizon will save you space at home and keep your belongings neat and organized. Keep your Blizon in one place, or move it around the house as needed. You may place it by your entry, next to your couch, in your closet, or any rooms in your home. Not only will you love it, so will your guests!

Your customers will notice the difference of your office to others because Blizon will bring them comfort and security while they work. You won't have to worry about waiters tripping over items at your restaurants or customers losing their belongings because Blizon will keep belongings in clear view and off of the floor.

Once you have a Blizon, you'll wish they we're everywhere!

Customer Reviews


"I am always hesitant to bring my favorite purse out when we go to a nice dinner, in fear of having to place it on the floor or my lap. Now, I don't even think twice since I know I can hang it right next to me, in clear sight.

On our first date we shared a salad, an entrée, a half bottle of good cabernet and a Blizon stand for his jacket and my purse. Glad to report we are still visiting that same restaurant and are now sharing our lives."


"Before Blizons were in the picture, I could never relax completely in a crowded bar or restaurant; always clenching my purse or wondering if someone would snatch it from behind my chair. Now, I can enjoy my experience, as I should be.

I used to keep my purse on my lap or place it on another chair. Blizon means I now have two hands to eat with and won't accidentally leave my property behind."


"Taking the kids out for a family meal can be a struggle in and of itself. It's encouraging to know that while dining, I can have all of our bags, coats and purses in one, easy to reach place.

There are just too many things to keep track of when traveling with the kids. We certainly appreciated when the server brought us a Blizon stand. We hung our garments, rested our bags, and had a wonderful family meal. "


"Having Blizons in our restaurant has enabled our employees to carry-out their jobs more efficiently and has enhanced our customers' dining experience. Servers no longer have to be watching for loose items on the floor, table or chairs; and their parties are assured proper care and attention beyond that which is ideal. It is a small gesture that speaks volumes to our guests."


"It's incredible to see the response we get from new and returning customers about Blizon. We constantly receive positive feedback about what a great addition it is to our restaurant; both for functionality and the look."

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