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About Blizon
Welcome to Blizon: the latest creative solution designed for the food service industry; creating an ideal, nearby space for patrons’ personal belongings. The portable and versatile tableside hanger helps restaurateurs elevate the functionality of their dining rooms, by offering a place for customers to place purses, laptop bags, coats, shopping bags, etc. In turn, this enhances the dining experience for customers, by maximizing space and eliminating accidents caused by clutter.
The Blizon comes in four colors that were designed to fit in with any restaurant décor. The finishes are Taupe, Espresso, Onyx and Silver. The Blizon was designed to make a tasteful and up-scale statement of quality in any restaurant or café setting while offering a simple solution to a variety of dining dilemmas.
Take a look around our website to find out more about our product and gain a better idea of the uses and benefits for your business. You may also order Blizon units directly, read about industry news on our blog, and inquire about more information from our team of experts.
The Idea
The idea for Blizon was born from a design director who was used to the old fashion coat/hat racks in his native European city. Upon his arrival to the U.S., he noticed the tremendous issue with personal belongings being strewn across aisles, backs of chairs, people’s laps and public floor space. As he watched servers tripping with full plates and drinks in hand, he noticed that the issue was creating faulty restaurant service and lessening the likelihood of a positive customer experience. Rather than pushing for the classical, large coat/hat rack, he developed a more personalized and versatile solution. That solution was Blizon. Not only did it solve the problem, but it adhered to multiple companies’ practices by treating customers, and their dining experience, with respect and consideration.
Designed for restaurant owners and operators who place a heavy importance on the satisfaction, safety and well-being of their customers, Blizon is the simple solution to a multitude of issues that arise in a cluttered dining environment. Not only does Blizon free useful space from scattered clutter, the convenient tableside hanger enhances the guest experience; giving them one less thing to worry about during their meal.
Time-tested Design
Blizon has been tried and tested for over 20 years and is ergonomically designed with the highest grade materials meant to amplify its durability. It is both portable and slim to perform its duty while minimizing the space it takes up. Its sleek look, available in multiple finishes, allows Blizon to fit into any type of restaurant environment, from casual to fine dining, without altering the décor or ambience. The company that manufactures Blizon started operating more than forty five years ago. Blizon is designed, developed and quality controlled in the United States.
With over thousands of units distributed to hundreds of dining establishments worldwide, it is no wonder that more and more customers are asking for Blizon at their favorite restaurants and new food finds alike.
Products such as Blizon measure the level of customer service a business is willing focus on to ensure genuine customer satisfaction. In the competitive restaurant industry, it is vital to pamper and service guests to the highest degree; ensuring a return clientele. Very few products pack such punch and guarantee returns amongst those exposed. Blizon is more than the sum of its uses and obvious benefits; it is a loud statement in high-quality, next-level customer service.

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